Friday, June 12, 2009

Mason update

For Mason's last day of school his class had a picnic and Colby and I got to attend and hang out with all the kids. It was nice seeing Mason interact with all of his friends. The picnic turned out really well and I think all the kids had fun.

This is Mason's teacher. (Well, and the kids. Colby wouldn't let me get one of just Mason and Mrs. Devine.)

And here is the the kids being cute at the picnic. They really DO love each other!

As far as I know, Mason has passed kindergarten and I now have a first grader. It's weird thinking that I have a first grader now. All in all, he had a great year. I'm looking forward to a couple pajama days, though, sad to lose some one on one time with the little one.

Wednesday was the big haircutting day. To remind you of what it looked like before and how long it was...

And, here is of course the picture that you all have been anxiously waiting for...

After washing the bits of hair off (and of course Colby also had to play in the shower), the kids ran around in their towels and well... looked just adorable! Man they can ham it up for the camera when they want to.

The haircut did wonders for Mason's soccer game. It was his best game yet! He was actually getting in there and going for the ball and running up and down the field... it was a lot of fun to watch him get into things.

And of course, Colby had a fun time at the game as well.


Jonathan said...

I'm so used to seeing him with the longer hair that seeing him with it so short... seems weird lol.

Sara said...

me too!