Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Status quo

Life with the Freeman's is status quo. Mason is playing soccer and seems to be enjoying himself hanging out with the other kids. His soccer skills and some overall athleticism is a bit lacking. Though, as long as he keeps telling us he's having fun.... School is going very well. He's always coming home with papers with smiley faces on them. We can't wait for him to be complete and be able to do some more PJ days. His reading skills are wonderful and shortly we'll trying some chapter books. This coming holiday weekend, he'll be heading with my folks to go camping.

Colby is also doing well. She's gotten more into using the potty lately. My fave was the day she decided to use the potty while we were at the store. Afterward, there's the 2 of us doing the potty dance in the stall. Also, her verbal skills are getting to the point where I'm no longer the only one that understands her. Her naps are sadly becoming less consistent and she doesn't quite grasp the "quiet" part of quiet time.

All in all, they are both doing/growing/developing perfectly. And, they're soo cute!!

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Laura said...

Very cute! Colby looks so old here. :)