Monday, May 4, 2009

Game Day

I have a great respect for the coaches and especially the referees of 5yr old soccer teams. So.... it's 4 on 4, no goalie playing on a quarter sized field. The ref calls for what I want to call "line changes" every 3 minutes or so. I guess it's good because it offers a chance to rotate all the kids thru. Speaking of the kids, they all follow each other around in one decent size group and often there was a breakaway and scoring. It was definitely a high scoring game, though they don't actually keep score. It's about playing, not winning. =) As for Mason, he took some time running around the back of the pack but slowing started to ease into the game. He had a lot of good defensive moves and is decent at throw-ins. He's still much more into the social aspect of play than the competitive side and as such enjoyed chilling on the sidelines as much as playing. A couple game shots...

And this is just adorable.

Thanks Linds (or maybe Caleb?) for the "new" books. The kids are REALLY getting into them all!!

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