Thursday, September 30, 2010

Latest sewing project

Here's my latest sewing project. A gal friend at work wanted me to make her a bag like mine. She picked out the fabrics and here's the "finished" project. (I need to shorten the strap a little but that's going to have to wait until after Mason's party.)

In other news, please see Jon's blog to see a picture of his girlfriend. Rumor has it that they will becoming to GR for a wedding. Of course, Jon is worried that we'll all scare her away so he's keeping the family meeting to a minimal. I am a little saddened that he's calling Stephen to meet her over me... but I'll just expect a super cool Christmas gift to make up for it. =)

Also, I started the night shift last night. It seemed to go alright and we'll see how tonight goes. I'm hoping that I can sneak in another nap today but for some reason my body just doesn't want to go back to sleep. Lunch then nap. That's the goal for the rest of the afternoon. It's good to have goals.

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