Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Colby's First Day

Colby had her first day of preschool!

I told her that it was time for me to go and she started to get teary eyed and.... well.... I started crying. I kept thinking that it's my second kid, it's supposed to get easier! Apparently not. A hug later I was walking out with parents giving me empathic looks. Colby did ok and her teacher managed to distract her. She brought her to the "good-bye" window so she could wave to me one more time. Later when I went to pick her up I was concerned because parents were already coming out with their kids. I thought for sure that she was in there crying because mommy wasn't there and everyone else's mom was there. However, I found her sitting at the table coloring and she didn't even notice me! When she did finally see me I got a "hey mom. I need to finish coloring." And she did. In the end, I think the whole event was much more traumatic for me than her.