Sunday, March 9, 2008

Life updates

Colby: She has learned to go down stairs on her butt, though not consistently. Speaking such words as 'daddy', 'mama', 'beep' and 'hi'. As for signing, she's decided that she has no use for it and prefers the point and scream method. She attempts running and is into climbing things, though she's not real good at it. Afternoon naps have been more miss than hit lately. We're debating why. Is it just that we're inconsistent with the afternoon nap? Is she working her way from 2 to 1 naps per day? Is she too overtired to sleep? Are we putting her down at the wrong time? Darn questions of child raising. It's hard to figure out what the 'right' thing to do is.

Mason: He is reading more and more words. He's good at signs, but not up to books yet. We're also thinking that soon we'll give him his own website as he enjoys borrowing the camera and taking random picks. We especially like the self portraits with the time stamp of 3am. I'm thinking that he might be coming down with something. I'm really hoping it's not the flu. From the sounds of things it's going thru his preschool class. His voice sounds funny, little bit of a cough and there's the occasional complaint of a sore throat. At least there's no vomiting.

Parents: Kevin and I are about the same. I don't think that I'm going to make my HVA hours this quarter, we'll see if they fire me. I start back full time this week at UM and took 24hrs of PTO. I don't think that I planned that right. However, Laura is getting married on friday and I either needed the time off or to find a babysitter for two days. Much easier to take the time off. =) Also, I'm feeling a bit grumpy lately. I think that it's a mix of many things. We've decided to be irresponsible and use our 'extra' paycheck last month to buy some cabinets to redo our office area. Though things are looking good... it's taking FOREVER to get it finished as we don't have much time off together to work on things. This leaves our dining area in disarray. All this 'mess' is starting to get to me. Darn that type A personality trait. I just want to be done and have things put back together again!! Hopefully soon. We're missing just a couple of parts still and the main part will be done. Then it's just a matter of doing the desk area. Mason has taken a couple of pics of the work, but I think that we'll leave you all in suspense till we're done. Once we can put things back together, that should help my sanity (as well as figuring out that whole baby sleeping thing). That's the exciting things around here. There is the day to day fun.... but it's the same.

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