Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Good news?

After Mason being up a vast majority of the night last night, I opted to keep him out of school to visit the MD's. They gave us an appt with the RN that we LOVE. We found out that it's not strep! Yet. (They will culture the sample and get back to us if anything grows.) So, we're still left with a little boy and a sore throat. Or, if you ask him, he has a frog in his throat that he measures to be approximately 18". She's guessing that it's viral and we're to do tylenol/motrin for comfort. Which, might I add here, did not work last night for sleeping. On a positive note, his lungs still sound clear. I always worry when he gets a cough that it'll lead to nebulizers and steriods. Also, being the wonderful RN that she is, I was able to chat it up about Colby's sleeping habits while we waited for the rapid strep to come back. All in all, she has no other ideas than what we are doing. It is nice to hear though and ultimately she said to do what's good for the family. I love her and feel better after talking to a "professional". As good as it was to visit the MD's office, it really threw a wrench in our daily sleep for the little one. She feel asleep on the way home and I tried to lay her down to continue sleeping... yeah, not working all that well. I'm thinking that it will be a really early bedtime tonight.

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