Monday, May 13, 2013

Dang bunnies!

For mother's day we redid our deck.  Well, kinda.  We had found that a creature was digging under it and then found some water in our basement that wasn't there on previous rains.  Apparently bunnies like to dig trenches so water can pool right along the end of unsealed basement foundations. 
So we lifted the deck, added some drainage pipe/stone.  We dug a trench on both sides of the walkway and then lastly pulled up the walkway to find... another walkway.  Our wooden walkway was built on top of a concrete walkway.  Thank goodness for brother-in-laws with sledge hammers.
We then moved the dog's lead so he could also enjoy the deck and that meant we had to move the grill so it wouldn't get knocked over.  Here's our new patio area using patio stones we found around the yard.  (If you come and visit, there will be no talk about how level it might not be.)
And, here's about the final pic.  There's still a few boards missing in this pic, but we replaced those today.  Now, we just have to borrow a pressure washer and stain it. 
I'm thinking that I'm just going to put down some mulch around the outside.  I also have to figure out if I'm going to put chicken wire around it to keep further critters out or let them be and just hope the drainage pipe works.

Take that evil bunnies!!

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