Monday, February 11, 2013

Birthday ideas for me, bc everyone asks, not bc I'm looking for gifts, that seems rude


Storage bin

Let's pretend this never happened

Boots: in either black or stone/shale, sz 9

Windowsill box

Under Armour Baselayer 1.0 or 2.0 tops or bottoms, sz XL or L

Keen shoes: sz 9.5, though they don't have to be from this website and just really this style, last years is fine too if you can find a good deal, even better!

An Apple for the Creature

Laundry bin: the large

Outcast books by Rachel Caine: Stephen got me book one already

Chick Kick Butt

Remodeling book

Think the architect has gift cards??

And, it appears that I'll probably need a new cell phone as well.  Any takers on that one??

Update: The cell phone is taken care of... but maybe a new Lifeproof case?  Mine is a little beat up after being fished out of a storm drain.


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