Monday, December 24, 2012

I'm claiming to be busy, not slacking

Well... I think it's a little sad that I still have posts from Feb of last year on the page because evidently that's how little I've posted this past year. Well, here is an update on things around here in short form. 1. Bathroom has been updated and looks nice. I'm sure that every project will have surprises in this house. So far, they all have. 2. 10 year anniversary vaca was wonderful. Drunk, naked and tattooed pretty much sums up the week. 3. Mason is now 9. We had a lovely outdoor party around the bonfire. 4. Michigan weather is weird this year. 5. My brother is engaged! See his website for details. (I'll let you all figure out which one) 6. Christmas party #1 is done. Thanks for all the wonderful gifts!! 7. #2 is tonight. 8. The dog is the same. He's settled down quite a bit and I hope to get into classes again in the new year. 9. I'm also hoping to get the kids in karate and maybe some gymnastics and swimming as well. 10. I'm also hoping to lost 60 lbs and win the lottery. Well... let's see what pics I have laying around.... Ooohhh!! Lego! 11. We did the lego thing. It was a lot of fun and they did some wonderful things with lego. I lost Kevin and the kids in the big lego pile for over an hour.
Argh! Stupid thing doesn't want to recognize new paragraphs! Sorry. It was supposed to be more list like and less run on sentence.

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