Saturday, September 17, 2011

To a good home

Well, the world moves on. We still don't have a closing date for the new place. It's a lot of more paperwork and more paperwork and did I mention more paperwork? I'm hoping for maybe closing sometime this year.

Aside from that, work is work. The kids have started in new schools and seem to be doing well. I cut off 10 inches of my hair and added in some purple highlights.

And, I'm hoping to have Mason's birthday party on October 1st. I'm thinking around 1:30ish, though I have no clue where the party will be. I'd like it to be at the new house (please see first paragraph).

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Laura said...

Wow, that is taking forever! So have you been able to do any work on it yet or anything, or you have to wait? Not sure we'll make it to the party, at the rate we're going we'll be having a baby then. :)