Saturday, July 2, 2011

Written update

Well... the stairs look the same; no updates there. As far as putting an offer on a house... we thought about it, decided to do it and then didn't do it. Then we decided that we weren't going to buy any house right now. Though, we are still going to keep our place listed for now. Hopefully mom and dad are ready for us to move in!

As I am at work trying to not fall asleep, I don't have any pictures of our trip to visit Jon. Though, I would like to thank Jon for letting us all invade his space and for taking us out and around the area for a few days. I know it can't be easy to go from bachelor living to dealing with 4 other people, especially ones you are related to. =) The short of our trip: day one- National Zoo, Day two- Baltimore: we rented a dragon shaped paddle boat, lunch at the cheesecake factory with Mikey and then off to the aquarium. Day three: race day! Jon, Rachel and I ran a race in the rain while the kids slept in and hung out with Busia. Then we went to out to the airport and checked out some old planes. Day four: Chill day. I think we all had a good time. I know the kids love visiting Uncle Jon.

Hmmm... were there other no picture things I was supposed to update on?? I'm not remembering. Oh well. In other news, Stephen, I do read your blog but I can't get the videos to work at work and it wouldn't let me comment on anything either. Many apologies, though I'm sure the video game is awesome.

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Stephen Jelsma said...

you have no idea. You should totally buy it for your kids.