Friday, May 13, 2011

Clean and decluttered

I'm so excited that our house is so clean and decluttered right now that I had to take some pictures and show it off. I got things started the other day and Kevin finished things off today while I napped.

Doesn't it look soo good! I mean, we have floors without random junk on them.

The beds are all made. The kids toys are all put away in the right places.

Ahhh.... it feels good. For us anyway. The kids claim it looks "creapy" without the stuff on the counters, fridge and walls.

Though I will probably have to share as to why it looks so good as usually we don't even clean this well for parties.

The realtor was over today to take pictures to list our place. Looks like we're going to be renting this one out and moving to the compound.


Stephen Jelsma said...

Looks good, but shannon says you missed a spot on the kitchen counter. I assured her it must be some kind of glare, but you know how she can be. . .

Sara said...

I'm thinking it must be a glare.

Jonathan said...

Watch out! There seems to be some sort of apparition in your living room!

Stephen Jelsma said...

is it bad I didn't even notice mason on the couch until I was looking for jon's apparition?