Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monsters!! (small spoiler alert for certain people getting presents)

Due to the weather, volleyball was canceled this evening. So, what's a group of crazy people to do with all our free time?? (No silly, I mean aside from watching movies and playing the wii.) Much to Mason's original dismay, we decided to make monsters! I found this great book and I happen to have a problem passing by the remenants at Joann's....

Colby named her's "uncle jon"

Mason named his "star"

This morning I put the finishing touches on Lindsey's birthday gift. I have the cutest pic of Colby modeling it but you'll have to settle for this small spoiler as I know you're one of the few who read this blog.

Last week, using this as a guide:

I made these as a Christmas gift for the Balcerski girls.

And... TADAA!! The curtains are all trimmed, hemmed and up! (Please excuse the mess that encompasses the rest of the picture; try to just look at the curtains.)

Here's a close-up of the fabric print.


Jonathan said...

So Colby's monster is named "Uncle Jon" huh? I'm not sure what to think of that lol. I guess its a good thing that she named her monster after me. But then it is a monster....

Laura said...

I like the curtains! And all the other stuff! You are a sewing maniac.