Friday, November 12, 2010


Well, it's that time of year! In the past couple of weeks we've had the pleasure of sitting down with the kids' teachers and chatting one on one.

Colby's conference was a couple of weeks ago. Her teacher had nothing but wonderful things to say about her. She tells us that Colby pays attention and follows directions well, that she plays with all the kids without reservation but her "best friend" seems to be Amelia. Ms Kym tells us that Amelia and her like to sit and read books together when they've finished their work and she's amazed by how closely they get the story right. We've also been told that she's at the "top of her class" as far as preschool skills are concerned being one of the best kids at using scissors.

Mason's conference was yesterday afternoon. His teacher as well tells us how wonderful he is doing. Apparently he is the only one that got a 100% on the last math test! We're told that he is never lacking for partners when the kids pair up for projects and that he's "quiet". (Quiet??? Huh, wasn't really expecting that one.) Ms W tells us that she knows he's smart and knows he knows the answer, but he never raises his hand. Kevin claims this trait comes from him. Also, Mason is reading at an "end of 2nd grade" level and has bragged about the number of books he keeps in bed with him.

All in all, we are very proud of our kids and we're told to "keep doing what you're doing!"

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Laura said...

I'm not surprised. You have awesome kids! :)