Monday, October 26, 2009

Monster Attack!

Lately we have been having a lot of issues with Mason being scared. He's come down any number of times before falling asleep to tell us that there's something in his room that scares him. Last night, it even caused him to wake up and come into our room at 1am. Yes, that was ONE AM. So, today I decided that we needed to come up with a plan to make his room a safer place to be. At dinner tonight we talked.

This is the design that Mason come up with to get the monsters.

The final product. We have it rigged like a trip wire. (The original design called for a mousetrap trip.) He also determined that the monsters maybe coming in thru the entrance to his secret lab, so he piled up a bunch of stuff on top of the entrance, as seen in the bottom of the pic.

A place to hide if needed. We also tacked up the one corner so he could jump down and slide inside quickly.

And, as a last line of defense, we have the protector robot. This robot will jump off the wall and become bigger to beat up any monsters that make it past the other defenses. It was explained to be similar to the movie Toy Story where the the toys only move when humans aren't looking at them. This line of defense is perfect for protection while sleeping.

All this talk just made Mason giddy that we were coming up all these different ideas together to defeat the scary monsters. He thought it was great! Colby on the other hand.... didn't have a monster issue with her beforehand, but she cried for a majority of the time we set stuff up, refused to leave my side and kept asking if we could all play downstairs instead. We might have created a situation there. =)

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