Sunday, September 27, 2009

Few updates

well, it's been a busy world here in Freemanland. A couple of weeks ago, Kevin took part in a week long training for TRT. He learned a lot and really seemed to enjoy it. The best part, it was located just down the street. Ahhh... nothing like a 5 mile commute. =) Last week I went to San Antonio to learn about what I'll do to for the final part of nursing school. It was a nice trip and I learned a lot. I just wish the weather would have been better so I could have done a bit more sight seeing in the few off hours. Mason has lost his first tooth! Though he lost the tooth a few days ago, the tooth fairy was finally able to visit him last night. Colby has decided that she will potty train on her OWN schedule and not even the lure of M&M's are going to change that. Ahh, kids. =)

Also, we realized that the UM v. MSU game is on the 3rd and we didn't want to have the game be a reason people didn't show up... so.... we want everyone to know that the game will be on our nice TV for kick-off at noon and people are all welcome to come early and watch the game with us.

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Jonathan said...

What is TRT?

And so you went down to San Antonio to learn what you will be doing? I thought you were going down there to start the... clinical part of your courses? If not then where will you do those portions, back to san antonio, or is that something you can do localy?