Tuesday, August 26, 2008

3 weeks of craziness

We have survived! The first two weeks the family was doing our annual Long lake trip. Then the kids were off to one night with the Freeman's and then 2 night with my sister while Kevin and I worked. Then kids got to hang out at home for a day before a trip to KY for Kelly's wedding. Amazing... both kids happily walked down the aisle! As the kids were already messed up and well we didn't know when we get to see them again, we spent a night visiting the balcerski's in Cleveland. Then Sunday it was back home. The kids and us, seem to be adjusting to home life slowly, but well. Colby is hit and miss with good naps, but is back to sleeping in the AM. Mason is still a bit grumpy but has adjusted well back to his late to fall asleep and early to rise schedule from before.

Soon hopefully there will be actual lengthy updates. If I was thinking, I would have updated while on vaca. If only my mom didn't have a no technology rule!

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Laura said...

Aaahh, they look so cute all dressed up!! Sounds like a crazy few weeks. I've had a crazy few weeks too - I live a little closer to you now... :) Got a new job.