Monday, January 7, 2008

Month 11

This month has not been as smooth; one might even go with rough. Where Colby was previously eating anything and everything, she is now picky. With the turn of her head or the push of a hand she has learned to share that she doesn't like anything that she did before. Ok, that might be a little harsh... she still loves Cheerios and will eat them straight out of the box or even off the floor. Otherwise, we are back to the #2s as she's not interested in the textures anymore. I'm hoping this is just a teething thing and this will be better after the molars make their appearance. Napping is also not as pretty. However, night sleep is still good even better than previous. Instead of waking often to fuss for a minute she's quiet all night long. And, aside from this morning, she usually sleeps till 8am or later. She's still a little clingy and occassionally runs a fever, but once again, I'm hoping this will resolve post-molars. Motor skills are taking off; we're up to at least 19 steps in a row! I'm kind of excited at the prospect of buying real shoes for her and have actually already picked a pair out.


Laura said...

Wow, I can't believe she's walking already!

Sara said...

Hey... why is your blog never different? And, was your sister on Ellen today??

Yes, the lady at the shoe store didn't believe me either. Took the baby a bit before she started to show off.